October Sale!

The James E. Hendry Chapter of the American Hibiscus Society will be among the vendors at the Tropical Plant Sale on Saturday, October 21 at Rotary Park, 5505 Rose Garden Road, Cape Coral.  The sale runs from 9 am – 2 pm, and will include other vendors offering tropical plants.  The chapter will be selling 180 hybrid hibiscus plants for $20 each.

The 18 varieties available at this sale are: A Mother’s Dream, Fire & Ice, Gypsy Rom, Joan of Arc, Lightning Jack, Love Pat, Masked Bandit, Randy Henson’s Legacy, Red Planet, Sebastian, Sonny’s Passion, Stargazer, Sweetie Pie, Tarantella, Texas Wild, Vibrance, White Hot and Yellow Bird.  These hybrid hibiscus are not available at local nurseries and sell out quickly.  Arriving early offers the best chance to obtain an exotic hibiscus plant!