October 2023 Meeting

The JEH Chapter met on Sunday, October 8th.  Our meeting opened with our Mini Show, where members bring blooms from their gardens to be judged by the chapter, similar to an official show.  This is a great preparation for learning how to prepare your blo0oms for the 2024 shows.  For the second month we also participated in “You Be the Judge”.  Prior to the meeting, we choose three blooms and have chapter AHS judges view them as if at a show.  Our members review each bloom and vote on paper whether they think each bloom is worthy of a gold, blue or red ribbon. A trifold board listing the judging standards for blooms is posted and members can refer to this information as they make their decisions on the categorization of the blooms.  After the business meeting, one of the judges explains what the judges decided and how they reached their decisions; members can then compare their evaluation to the judge’s decision.  The purpose of this exercise is to help our member’s understand the judging standards.  One of our chapter goals for 2024 is to encourage more members to submit blooms at both our Show and Sale in April and other shows in Florida.  Our President Beth Meehan presented a comprehensive and very interesting overview of the History of Tropical Hibiscus, featuring many of the early hibiscus pioneers here in Florida.  It was a great meeting and we welcomed two new members!